Awakino River and Beach

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The Awakino river and beach are only a short trip from Mōkau - a 2km drive south on State Highway 3.

The area is known for its rugged beauty and stunning natural scenery. The beach is situated at the mouth of the Awakino River and is surrounded by lush green hills and farmland. It's a popular spot for fishing, surfing, and swimming.

The Awakino river is a prime location for whitebait fishing. Whitebait are small, silvery fish that migrate up New Zealand's rivers and streams from the sea in the spring and early summer months. They are considered a delicacy by many and are often served fried with white bread and lemon.  A must-try at the local Awakino Pub.

The river is lined with small huts known as "stands," which are used by locals during the whitebait season.


Awakino Beach (see map)


  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Long beach walks

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