Three Sisters and Elephant Rock



Located near Tongaporutu on the North Taranaki coast are the famous Three Sisters, two rock formations standing 25 metres tall (previously three before erosion claimed one). Elephant Rock, another impressive formation, once stood beside them but lost its trunk due to erosion in 2016. Interestingly, there were four sisters at the beginning of the century, but one by one, the sea is claiming them.

To enjoy stunning views (a lookout) of the Three Sisters, take Pilot Road off State Highway 3, located on the seaward side north of Tongaporutu Bridge.

If you prefer to get close to the formations on the beach, go down Clifton Road off South Highway 3, located south of the Tongaporutu Bridge.

You can walk alongside the river and around the point during low tide to find the formations. In nearby caves, a rock drawing of a six-toed foot is also worth seeing.

Please make sure to check the tides before you go.


  • Walk 2.7 km Elevation gain 75 m 45 min to complete

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